What exactly are IsleVote21 proposing?

  • We will organise and host an online meeting for each of the 39 county council seats that are being contested in the May 2021 local election.
  • We hope to leaflet homes on the island and run adverts to point residents towards our campaign.
  • We are open to other ideas that increase voter engagement, turnout and democratic credibility whilst maintaining political neutrality.

How can I see these meetings?

  • The meetings will be livestreamed and will then be available to view on YouTube. All links will be available on the IsleVote21.co.uk website.

What can you tell me about the meetings?

  • These will be between an hour and an hour and a half depending on the number of candidates for each seat, questions will test candidates on their commitment, competence and vision. There will not be any debating. All candidates will be invited to make a short introduction and a chance to wrap up after the questions.

Do you support any candidates?

  • No, there is no affiliation whatsoever and there will be no cooperation whatsoever with any politicians either serving or prospective. IsleVote21 seeks only to boost voter numbers and provide a platform for a better informed election process.

What is in it for IsleVote21?

  • Nothing other than the satisfaction gained from trying to improve the democratic process that people from all across the political spectrum consider to be lacking.

What outcome would IsleVote21 like to see?

  • An outcome where the voting public feel they have made an informed choice. And voter numbers are at a higher level – the most recent local election on the IW saw only a 41% turn out.

Can I help?

  • Yes, we want to reach out to everyone on the island and that means press advertising and leafletting, as such we are seeking small contributions for leaflet costs and people willing to deliver.
  • We are also open to any other innovations that tie in with our core mission to increase democratic legitimacy and trust between electors and the elected on the Island.