About Us

Why ?

People from across the political spectrum are disillusioned with our democracy.

We think that poses real dangers – a disconnected public will not provide proper scrutiny of politicians – so we are trying in our own small way to reconnect the public with their representatives and restore trust in the system, which in turn can lead to better relationships between politicians and the public and better overall outcomes.

We do not think that a few leaflets pushed through letterboxes constitutes a satisfactory campaign.


We are a small group of island residents who have all at one point or another been involved with local politics.
The initial idea has come from myself, Stephen Cockett – I grew up in Ryde, and am currently a resident of Ventnor.
We are determined to remain neutral to maintain our legitimacy.

Currently agreed volunteer meeting hosts (A-Z)

Bryony Rust – Speech therapist, Cowes.
Chris Cook – Community radio DJ, Lake/Potters Bar.
Colleen Brannon – Community worker and full time parent, Ryde
Andy Ballie – DJ, Ryde.
Dave Logan – Adult education specialist, Ventnor.


The Covid-19 pandemic has made everyone more familiar with digital technologies for online meetings, we wish to use these tools to make the election process more rigorous so that the very best candidates can shine through.
By hosting multiple meetings simultaneously we aim to conclude the interviews as quickly as possible once the candidates are announced – meetings will be available to view online by the 18th of April.