About the council

What does the council do exactly?

The Isle of Wight council is a local authority, as such they have responsibility for things such as: Adult social care, social services, environmental health, waste and recycling, highways, planning and parts of education.

What about the money?

The council spends in the region of £330 million per year, nearly all of that is on their obligations such as the services listed above, but a small amount can be used for more imaginative purposes under – regeneration.

Who is my current councilor?

If you want to see who is your current representative you can look here: https://www.iow.gov.uk/councillor/findByArea.aspx

Which council seat do I live in?

You can find out which seat you are living in by entering your postcode here:

The seats are changing soon yes?

As of the May 2021 election most of the seat boundaries are being adjusted, meaning that you might find that your home falls into a different seat. You’ll be able to see what seat you will be in when the polling cards come through or here: